Eco-Friendly Shipping is Possible with a SmartWay Partner

March 20, 2017 at 2:30 PMJerry Spelic

If you are concerned with the environmental impact throughout your freight shipping supply chain, there are options for eco-friendly shipping.  

The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight industry and is designed to improve and streamline shipping operations so they use less fuel and generate less pollution.

Launched in 2004, the SmartWay Partnership is voluntary public-private program that:

·        provides a system for tracking, documenting and sharing information about fuel use and freight emissions

·        helps companies identify and select more efficient freight carriers and operational strategies to improve supply chain sustainability and lower costs from freight movement

·        reduces freight transportation-related climate change and air pollutant emissions

In our on-going effort to be an environmentally responsible freight shipping broker, PartnerShip is pleased to announce that it is now a SmartWay Logistics Company Partner. That means that we manage logistics in an environmentally responsible way and help reduce the environmental impact from freight transportation. 

“We’ve been asked by our customers to help reduce our collective impact on the environment,” said John Finucane, President and COO of PartnerShip, “and we’re delighted to join the other 3,000 SmartWay member businesses that provide eco-friendly shipping that helps decrease our carbon footprint.”

Since its launch, the SmartWay program has prevented the release of 73 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and 59,000 tons of particulate matter and saved 170.3 million barrels of oil and $24.9 billion in fuel costs - the equivalent of eliminating energy use in over 6 million homes annually. That’s environmentally friendly shipping!

More and more customers are making their shipping decisions based on responsible environmental performance, and being a SmartWay Partner means that we place a high value on sustainability and efficiency, just like they do. PartnerShip is proud to be an eco-friendly freight broker.

If you’ve been looking for an environmentally friendly shipping company, contact PartnerShip. We can provide you with eco-friendly shipping options and help you stay competitive. Contact us at 800-599-2902 or get a quote now!

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