PITT OHIO Expanding Core Service Area

July 27, 2015 at 1:15 PMMatt Nagel

PITT OHIO, one of the PartnerShip carrier alliances, plans to expand service to Kentucky, specifically the Louisville market, starting Monday, August 17th.

PITT OHIO is headquarted in Pittsburgh, PA and services the mid-Atlantic and Mid-West regions. PITT OHIO has continuously grown over the last 35 years and is expanding into the Louisville market to increase their services and direct coverage area.

"Our focus on providing customer-centric solutions to shippers has lead PITT OHIO to expand our core service area to include the metro Louisville market," said Geoffrey Muessig, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. "Customers tell us that we can enhance their supply chains by providing reliable and dependable LTL service between the Mid-Atlantic states and Louisville."

"Current PITT OHIO clients and new customers can anticipate the same level of performance in Louisville expected from PITT OHIO elsewhere," Brad Caven, Vice President of Operations remarked. "Our Cincinnati terminal is well-equipped to exceed expectations to and from these markets in Kentucky."

Standard service times will be 1-2 days in most areas of PITT OHIO’s direct service area. Service to Louisville Kentucky will start Monday, August 17. Customers with freight in PITT OHIO´s current direct coverage area destined for Louisville can begin scheduling pickups on Friday, August 14.

If you are interested in receiving a PITT OHIO rate quote for an upcoming freight shipment, log on to PartnerShip.com, or create a web account if you haven't already done so.

How to Ship Internationally with FedEx

July 23, 2015 at 1:42 PMLeah Palnik

When you think about shipping internationally there are probably a lot of things running through your head. How do I know what documents I need? What regulations do I need to follow? Am I doing this right? We get it – it can be daunting. Luckily, you have us to put your mind at ease. When you use our alliance service partner, FedEx, and follow these 5 simple steps for your international small package shipment, you won’t have to worry.

1. Research your destination country
Check out the country snapshots on fedex.com to find detailed shipping requirements and service availability for the country you’re shipping to. These snapshots provide a great summary that includes general clearance information, standards, and restrictions that could affect what you’re trying to ship.

2. Pick your service
There are several international shipping services to choose from with FedEx. Whether your shipment is time sensitive or you have more time, there is a service that’s right for you. The best way to determine which one you should use is to find your rates and transit times. When you put in your shipment information this tool provides you with a list of service options with their costs and delivery times.

3. Find and prepare your documents
Using the FedEx Global Trade Manager you can find and print copies of the documents that will have to accompany your international shipment. All you have to do is fill out some information about your shipment and about the product you are shipping. Once you enter that in, the results will show you exactly what documents you need to complete.

4. Prepare your shipment
Packing and preparing your shipment correctly is imperative when you’re shipping internationally. FedEx offers a number of packaging options as well as a how-to guide so you don’t have to worry about wasted costs or issues.

5. Ship and track
Once you’re ready to ship, you can schedule a pickup or drop it off at a nearby FedEx location. After that you can easily track the status of your shipment until it reaches its destination.

Through an association shipping program managed by PartnerShip, you can receive discounts on your international shipments with select FedEx® services. PartnerShip works with over 120 major trade associations, across many industries, to provide their members with the money-saving tools to help them be successful. If you belong to an association we work with, take advantage of our free shipping benefits today and save on your international shipping. If you're not sure if you qualify for one of our FedEx small package shipping programs contact us and we'll find the solution that's right for you.

The History of Semi Trucks

July 21, 2015 at 9:28 AMMatt Nagel
Semi trucks didn't take over our highways overnight. Like everything else, semis have a long and detailed history all starting with their invention in 1898 (more on that later in the post). We recently came across a video that goes through the entire history of semi trucks step-by-step to show you how we got to where we're at today. The video, put together by TruckertoTrucker.com, also goes into some interesting stats as well as top selling brands in the trucking industry. All-in-all the video does a great job of walking you through the history and pointing out the innovations and inventions that make freight shipping by truck one of the most popular and efficient ways to transport your goods from point A to point B.

Now that you've seen the history of the semi, it's our duty, as Clevelanders, to provide you with Cleveland's contribution to trucking. As you saw in the video above, Alexander Winton is credited with the invention of the semi truck in 1898, and Winton Motor Company was located in.....you guessed it - Cleveland, Ohio! Which means that PartnerShip calls the oldest, and most experienced, trucking city in the world it's home. We came across a slightly older video than the one above that highlights the Winton Motor Company's innovations in yet another trucking staple - the diesel engine.

Meet Your PartnerShip Team – Laura

July 17, 2015 at 1:49 PMLeah Palnik

Laura has been working for PartnerShip for over 17 years. As one of our most seasoned staff members, she’s seen it all and knows how to make sure everything runs smoothly. Want to get to know her? Read on to see what she has to say.

What do you do for PartnerShip?
I am the Operations Manager at PartnerShip. I am responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of the organization, as well as management of all events and meetings for employees, vendors and visitors and making sure all events and meetings run smoothly.

Tell us about your family.
My husband and best friend, Steve, and I are high school sweethearts. We met in High School and have been inseparable ever since. We have three amazing, gorgeous, intelligent, and all around fantastic children! Gabby is a junior at The University of Akron and plans on being a lawyer. Tyler is a sophomore in High School who plays the Tuba in the marching band, runs track and cross country. Hannah is in 7th grade and is a cheerleader. We are also raising our nephew, Robert, who is a freshman in high school. We also have two dogs, Leroy and Missy....who are just as much part of the family as everyone else!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love hanging out with my family and friends, watching my kids in their extra circular activities and running. We like to have a weekly “family night” where we just hang out at the house with the kids and play games or watch movies.

What’s your favorite 90s jam?
Anything New Kids On The Block!

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
My sister, Kym. She passed away 5 years ago and I would love the chance to sit down and just talk with her again. Tell her everything that has happened since she passed and let her know how her son is doing.

If your life was made into a movie, what would the title be?
Life is a present, appreciate it!

What is one of your proudest accomplishments?
My children, of course! Also, last year I ran my very first (and last!) full marathon. It was pretty hard, but definitely worth it.

What was the best vacation you ever went on?
My first trip to Vegas. It was with my husband for our anniversary.....and it was the most amazing vacation we’ve ever had. We spent every day seeing the sights, walking, talking and just spending quality time together. The entire week was perfect in every aspect.

What do colleagues say is your best quality?
I’m a very good listener. I like to think I give pretty good advice, too!

What do you like the most about working at PartnerShip?
The people! We have the most amazing group of people at PartnerShip, who truly care about each other. It is like having a family away from your family!

Sights, Sounds, and Highlights from Summer NAMM 2015

July 15, 2015 at 2:38 PMLeah Palnik