Truckload Shipping 101

March 9, 2016 at 8:29 AMMatt Nagel

If you're a freight shipper, it's important to understand each type of transportation to be sure you are not wasting valuable resources. Truckload freight refers to larger shipments - usually over 10,000 pounds and/or requiring an entire semi-trailer. These types of shipments have their own set of rules, benefits, and nuances separate from other freight that makes truckload shipping a complicated transportation mode to master. Not to worry, as PartnerShip has created a new white paper designed to help you navigate the world of truckload freight! You'll learn:

  • What constitutes a truckload shipment
  • The benefits of shipping truckload versus other types of freight
  • The specialized equipment available for your shipments
  • How to obtain an accurate and cost-effective truckload quote

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